Psychoeduational Evaluations 

Comprehensive Independent assessments

I offer comprehensive assessments for students of all ages, including college-age students. Evaluations are completed with integrity and fidelity. This includes private assessments for children where there may be concerns regarding potential processing deficits or learning disabilities. This also includes gifted identification, Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE), and/or assessments for public and private schools who are impacted and need extra support. Evaluations are generally based on referral and primary areas of concern. Psycho-educational assessments use a variety of techniques and systems to evaluate academic skills, behavior and emotional development as well as social development.

Once I complete the evaluation, I write a detailed report outlining my findings as well as recommendations for enhancing school performance.  These assessments help to determine learning strengths and needs as well as determine eligibility for Special Education services (ages 10 - 22 years) using IDEA eligibility criteria, Section 504 Accommodations (Preschool through College), and GATE services (K-12).  Results can also be used to determine eligibility for accommodations on college entrance exams.

Assessments may be conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic and state guidelines/regulations.

Assessments identify any DSM-V or Special Educational disabilities present such as:

  •  Learning Disabilities including Reading (Dyslexia), Writing (Dysgraphia), Math (Dyscalculia)

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  •  Autism Spectrum Disorder

  •  Emotional Disturbance (e.g., depression, withdrawal, anxiety, school phobia)

  •  Intellectual Disability

  •  Executive Functioning Skills

  •  Processing Disorders

Areas assessed may include:

  • Academic skill development

  • Intellectual/cognitive functioning

  • Visual processing

  • Auditory processing

  • Sensorimotor functioning

  • Memory and learning

  • Attention

  • Executive functioning

  • Adaptive skill development

  • Social-emotional functioning


Assessment Process

Guidance On Every Step of the Way

Taking Notes
School Notebook


  • Initial phone consultation 

  • Schedule Appointment 

  • Pay Deposit to hold the testing date 

  • Complete intake Forms

  • Parent interview 

  • Send in supporting documents (previous evals, report cards, test scores)

Testing Session(s)
1-3 sessions

  • Testing Session(s) at a confirmed location. (sessions last 2-3 hours).

  •  Pay testing fee balance

  • Schedule feedback session/appointment

Feedback Session

  • Feedback session (approx 2 weeks after final testing date).

  • Address any IEP/504 Advocate support needed.

  • Finalize any outstanding balances 

  • Receive the full written report.


Adult Assessments

ADHD, Autism & Learning Differences and more for every age

I am able to offer psychoeducational assessments to adult clients who feel they may need support identifying any learning, social or behavioral differences they have. My specialty includes learning disabilities (including Dyslexia) and ADHD. I am also able to assess for Autism, Anxiety (related to school or work) and many other areas. These assessments aim to identify learning strengths, learning styles and areas of need. My assessments come with recommendations and thorough review of data, which often helps my clients feel empowered and able to better navigate school, work or home life.