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"If you want it fast, do it alone. If you want it far, go together."

 Special Education Consulting 

IEP and 504 plan support for schools

As a special educational consultant, I specialize in 504 plan and IEP review/programming for schools.  as well as advocacy for parents who need support in understanding their child's educational needs. I give practical, culturally competent and effective alternatives to teachers, parents, and administrators about differences in learning and behavior. I have a strong understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic and cultural needs of students with and without disabilities.  Having worked with both schools and with parents, I understand how teamwork and collaboration amongst stakeholders are extremely important to a child's success. The goals of these services include:  educating parents & schools on child development, disabilities, and compliant special education programming, assisting in the development of positive behavior and academic support plans using research-based data, and strengthening relationships between educators, parents and community services. While I am available to support schools in compliant programming, I am a passionate advocate for parents; as I know navigating the special education process can be difficult and intimidating for some.

Services Include

  • Professional training

  • Free initial consultation for schools 

  • School meeting attendance (504 and/or IEP)

  • Special Education compliance support/review 

  • Review and discuss student progress and needs 

  •  Make appropriate referrals to community resources/services 

  •  Collaborate with other support staff to provide comprehensive services for all students

  • Overall program review, evaluation, and recommendations

Assessment & Consultation Services

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Psychoeducational & Academic Assessments

School Supply

Special Education case management and consultation services

School Days

Special Education Trainings

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Experience Change with Behavioral Consultation Services

Creating change through behavior intervention support

As a behavioral consultant, I use the scientific and systematic process of applied behavior analysis. This includes completing observations, interviews and functional analysis to help understand the causes of common behavior exhibited by children at home and school that prevent them from excelling in their environment. 

These services also include:

  •  Reviewing Behavioral Support Plans

  •  Creating behavior based treatment plans 

  •  Identifying goals and accommodations based on identified function of behavior

  •  Recommendations for environmental changes that can be made to improve clients behavior

  • Educating families & schools about the basic techniques of applied behavior analysis & behavior change. 

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