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What does the assessment process consist of?

If you are pursuing an assessment for yourself or your child, then the next step would be for us to discuss the nature of your concerns. I would then develop a specific assessment plan in order to thoroughly evaluate the issue(s). Once I understand your question(s), I will provide you with a detailed evaluation/consultation plan, a cost quote, and propose specific dates for the assessment services. After the assessments, we will schedule a conference to discuss the results of the evaluation.  A final report is delivered approximately 2-3 weeks after assessments.

Where do Assessments take place?

Assessments for ADHD, Autism & Learning Disabilities can now be completed virtually! Additionally, I offer assessment services at various office locations around Los Angeles county, Alameda county (northern CA) or in the comfort of your own home (if there is appropriate space) to alleviate any testing-related anxiety and enable you or your child to perform optimally in a familiar and comfortable setting. I am also able to meet at schools if permitted by the school of choice. As of March 2021, assessments may take place virtually, I will continue to update information as state/local regulations change as a result of the COVID-19 national pandemic.

Do you take insurance?

To determine if you or your child have mental health/ psychological service coverage through your insurance carrier, the first thing you should do is call them. Evaluations for learning disabilities are generally not covered by insurance.  Depending on your health insurer, you may be able to receive some reimbursement for counseling services. Check your coverage carefully and make sure you understand their answers. Some helpful questions you can ask them:

  • What are my mental health benefits?

  • Do I have benefits for psychological services for diagnosing learning disabilities?

  • How much does my insurance pay for an out-of-network provider?

  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

What is the cost for evaluations?

The cost of evaluations varies depending on the amount of time involved, number and type of tools and techniques. Independent Evaluations (I.E.E.) typically ordered by schools may range from 4,700- 6,000 while private evaluations may be less. Private evaluations range from 3,500-4,500. I am also able to provide academic assessment only with w/recommendations for a flat fee of  $1,000. However, specific costs will be discussed during a free initial consultation and agreed upon prior to the initiation of services. In addition, clients with Flexible Medical Spending Plans should investigate reimbursement as they may be able to recover the cost of assessment and/or intervention services.

What is the cost for counseling sessions?

Counseling sessions range between $100-$150 per session.  Final costs are discussed and agreed upon before sessions begin. A sliding scale is available for college students who show need and families facing significant financial hardship. Please request a free 15min consultation for specific details.

Do you offer Virtual (tele-health) sessions

 YES! I am able to provide telehealth sessions for counseling services.  Services take place on a HIPAA compliant (protected) platform. Telehealth may not be a viable option for clients dealing with severe depression and/or suicidal thoughts.  I am always available to schedule parent support and consultations virtually as well. Remember, initial consultations are free!